A KID’S LIFE is one of Placer County’s leading early childhood providers. Our teachers are dedicated to your child’s success and take every approach to learning with a positive and passionate attitude. Our goal is to create a fun environment that promotes and develops social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills. 

Dedicated to Your Success

We’re happy to answer any questions, discuss concerns and help you and your child with your educational and developmental needs - at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your on-site Director. His or her contact information is available at your center. You may also contact us at 916.786.3660 between 6 a.m. and 6p.m. (PST), Monday through Friday. 

Our Team

At A KID’S LIFE, we hold ourselves to a high standard of expectations. We challenge one another and hold each other accountable to the success of your child’s growth and development. Each of our teachers are meticulously selected and go through the same hiring process to ensure their dedication and passion are that of the standards of A KID’S LIFE. We ensure all teachers can meet the developmental, emotional and physical needs of you and your child. We confirm all professional references and conduct national criminal background screenings. Each member of our staff meets or exceeds the qualification requirements set by state law. All staff members must complete a full orientation and attend a comprehensive training program prior to working with your child. A KID’S LIFE staff are truly dedicated to serve you and your child that you can’t find our passion, customer service and commitment anywhere else. 

Our Commitment

Over the days, months and years; we begin to evolve and adjust as we learn from experience and successes. We understand that every day is different and not one child or one day can or will be the same. At A KID’S LIFE we begin each morning with positive, fun and enthusiastic energy. Our team is prepared for the activities and curriculums for the day and share any pertinent information that may affect the classroom or your child’s success. 

Additionally, every month we set aside time to conduct an extensive training to ensure we continually meet you and your child’s standards, the state’s regulations and to maintain the quality/expectations of A KID’S LIFE. This continued commitment to our own education and training allows us to provide outstanding quality care in all our centers. 

Note: Please check with your center when training days are scheduled, so you can make alternate child care arrangements. 

Communication is the Key to Success

We believe on-going communication is the key to every child’s success from the center environment to the home setting. Our staff are dedicated to keep you up-to-date with your child’s success and growth. Depending on your child’s needs, we may send daily or weekly progress updates from your child’s teachers. Notes may include information on classroom progress, activities, developmental changes and goals. 

Our team is always happy to discuss and meet to talk about your child’s progress. We may set aside informal discussions or find a time to sit down and meet. This can ensure we effectively communicate your child’s progress and needs. 

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We are proud to be part of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce!