I would highly recommend AKL, this is a wonderful enriching environment with a staff team committed to helping our children grow and continue to learn!


Our mission of A KID’S LIFE is to provide an elevated level of child care by providing an enjoyable, innovative, safe and educational environment. Children will have the opportunity to live life as a kid while learning basic daily skills and tasks for lifelong success. 

Our Vision

Our focus is to provide each child with a stimulating learning environment that promotes social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. A KID’S LIFE will strive to uphold the best practice in the provision of early childhood service. We envision developing a future generation of leaders who value positive social, creative and developmental skills. 

Our Goals

Learning is meant to be a natural, joyful experience. Our goal is to help your child develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. 

In order to achieve our goals, we will: 

  • Provide a positive, friendly and welcoming learning environment at all times.

  • Support children in real opportunities for each child to develop social, physical and emotional characteristics.

  • Provide various learning materials, such as but not limited to; toys, blocks, paints and crafts to stimulate their interest in education

  • Provide proper play equipment, team building, communicating, healthy habits and exercising to give each child the opportunity to develop and healthy life style.

  • Expose each child to music and expression, so each child can learn to express themselves through singing and dancing.

  • Develop skills to prepare each child for kindergarten through all areas of daily activities.

  • Ensure a safe and secure environment for all children.


I have lived and worked in Roseville as a Preschool Teacher for the past 28 years. I came to work here at A KID’S LIFE Preschool. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to be part of such a professional experienced staff that is always taking classes in professional growth in early childhood education, so we can give the children the best environment possible for play and all stages of development. Each teacher is hand selected for each age group. I can definitely recommend A KID’S LIFE to anyone looking for a safe, loving, educational preschool experience for their children.
— Teacher Diane