Graduation Day!

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“They were so excited and had so much energy!”

- Teacher Daisy

Zip up those gowns, pop on those caps, and turn those tassels; here comes your Pre-K Graduates! Graduation at A Kids Life Preschool is one of our biggest events of the year! We put forth lots of creativity, hard work, and careful thought into making this day one of the best days your child has at A KID’S LIFE! I mean it is ‘the best day of their life so far, right? Check out our YouTube Video "You Are The Best Song" here. Some may say that a preschool graduation is a little silly and almost ridiculous, but you can tell that to our parents who left in tears! This isn’t just any celebration it is their first big step into the world. Preschool is the last year where they sit at a table instead of desks, the last year they get to sleep on those little nap mats covered with crib sheets, and the last time they get reminded that “growing food” must come first so they can grow big and strong just like hulk! This is the time to celebrate and embrace their innocence because they won’t be little for long.

It was certainly a busy day! Nervous bellies and contagious smiles had us all a little skittish and excited for how this day would play out.

The kids kept saying their tummies hurt and I had to explain to them it is just nerves, everything will be okay.”
- Teacher Marissa

“They just needed to get their minds off the graduation and relax and have fun to enjoy their day! - Teacher Diane

The children were so excited they could barely hold it together! Do you remember your high school graduation? Yeah, all those scary and embarrassing thoughts you had while getting ready? Now multiple that x38! Getting 38 little gowns and tiny caps on was the least of our worries! What if they didn’t sing? What if they started crying? What if they fell walking down the hill? But guess what!! The messing up and the giggling was most certainly the best part of all! What differentiates high school graduation and preschool graduation? The off pitch signing, the child who doesn’t stand up for the pledge of allegiance, half the class on a completely different part of the song, or the child who laughed through the whole ceremony. It’s the imperfect silliness, the crazy off the wall laughter, and the smiles from ear to ear that make preschool graduation so special and unique! So, we rolled with it! We encouraged the children to be themselves and enjoy this day, their day! When the children saw their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends waiting in anticipation to see them, all their worries instantly went away, and they waved with excitement. For they knew, everything would truly be okay.

As the day progressed the graduation went very smooth and kicked off a plethora of fun activities for the children and parents to enjoy! From the picture booth to the candy bar to the bounce house our kids felt the love! We even had a very special guest performance from former American Idol Singer. Watch the "Slow Down" Song Performance here. Overall, the graduation was a huge success, the parents and children were very pleased!

Check out our AKL graduation video here!

St. Jude Trike-A-Thon

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Our first ever St. Jude Trike-A-Thon was a success! Children filled the school with bikes and trikes of all sizes. I mean, who wouldn’t love to bring their bike to school? Safety first, as we buckled our helmets and started with our infants and toddler groups kicking or should we say “flintstoning” their way around the playground. A few laps were made the toddlers, but really they were just happy to enjoy some time in the sun!

Our Prek and TK classes rallied around the closed parking lot while listening to some music to motivate them to make those extra laps! Our families cheered them on as they pedaled around our guided track smiling and racing with their friends. It was an eventful day and one to remember because not every day do you get to bring your bike to your preschool! As always, living a kid’s life!

Team Building

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June 27th, 2018

Last night’s company meeting was so #awesome and #productive to say the least! We have some phenomenal teachers at A KID’S LIFE, that are passionate about what we do!

After covering our agenda items, we broke into teams of 3 for our #teambuilding activity...
The Marshmallow Challenge! 
The purpose of the challenge is to build the tallest free standing structure with the marshmallow placed at the top of the tower. Teams are only to use the items supplied; 20 raw spaghetti sticks, a yard of tape, a yard of string and of course the marshmallow! (More details online)

There’s so many moving pieces to successfully building a freestanding marshmallow structure! Everyone has their own strategy, but how we can work together successfully as a team? This activity teaches us work place team work and communication. There’s not always one size fits all or one right answer, especially when working with kids! Everyone brings different ideas and experiences to the table! Use it to your advantage! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Thanks @Tedtalk for the experience! If you haven’t seen or participated in The Marshmallow Challenge, be sure to check it out! 

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