Music Makes Everything Better

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Music week was our first summer camp at AKL and it was certainly exciting! Music is a perfect theme considering how important it is for children’s development and their ability to let loose and enjoy some tunes! Music is known to help children with gross motor skills by dancing, moving, and keeping a beat! It also teaches children self-control and restraint when learning a song because they must understand beat and rythum. It allows them to start and stop repeatedly. The children loved to learn about the different types and genera of music! This created inquisitiveness and keep them engaged as we played music they never heard of, such as classical, rock, country, and even music in different languages. Lastly, music is known for its ability to remove stress and change your mood! We loved to share this experience with our kids and teach them if they are ever feeling sad or upset to get up and dance it off because life it too short to stay in a bad mood! This really got them excited to learn!

Making musical instruments and practicing routines consumed the week for the talent show on Friday. Marching bands filled the halls with PreK singing “sing a song of six pens” while the toddlers danced it out and played background music with their tambourines.

Of course, the School age children were taking this week very seriously! They thought about their talents with great enthusiasm and grit! It was certainly not a game for them!  Finally, the day was here and the whole school joined together to celebrate and support each other during the talent show. The babies watched with curiosity and even danced along to the infamous baby shark song! The two-year-old children were excited to be in the spotlight when they took the stage to dance and smile at the older children. The three-year-old children paired up and serenaded us with a beautiful version of twinkle twinkle little star! PreK took the stage with a full-on rock concert and played hard to we will rock you with their paper guitars. Finally, school age closed the show with hula hooping and an amazing dance! We had it all; magic tricks, singing, dancing, comedy and even the thriller dance performed by one of our school age children! The kids sure think of everything! As we all know preforming in front of your peers is no easy task, but these kids took it on like champions! From infants to school age children we gave them 10 stars across the board!

 After the show we all enjoyed cake on the playground to celebrate what brings us all together, our amazing school, A KIDS LIFE! The children were so grateful and excited to take pride and recognize their school in its one-year anniversary celebration!

St. Jude Trike-A-Thon

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Our first ever St. Jude Trike-A-Thon was a success! Children filled the school with bikes and trikes of all sizes. I mean, who wouldn’t love to bring their bike to school? Safety first, as we buckled our helmets and started with our infants and toddler groups kicking or should we say “flintstoning” their way around the playground. A few laps were made the toddlers, but really they were just happy to enjoy some time in the sun!

Our Prek and TK classes rallied around the closed parking lot while listening to some music to motivate them to make those extra laps! Our families cheered them on as they pedaled around our guided track smiling and racing with their friends. It was an eventful day and one to remember because not every day do you get to bring your bike to your preschool! As always, living a kid’s life!

2018 Year In Review

It’s been an amazing 6 months since we’ve opened our school in June! We’ve hand-selected our team and couldn’t be happier with our results. Aside from being a school, we are a small family. We are truly passionate about what we do and that’s what makes us different! Our amazing teachers work so hard to give our children the best care, safety, and education.

From scoring soccer goals with Soccer Shots of Sacramento to twirling with Tutu Performance Ballet; A KID’S LIFE has slowly but surely been making an impact within our community. In July, we partnered with Roseville High School Transition Program where we gave young adults job experience and life skills within A KID’S LIFE. We hope to give our children an opportunity to learn about people with disabilities, allow natural relationships with a diverse group of people and have a better understanding of other’s backgrounds.

In October, we hosted our Fall Harvest Festival for our families and the Roseville community. While showcasing some of the fun activities within our school, we raised funds for athletes of Special Olympics. We are continuing to raise funds and plan to purchase all new basketball jerseys for their 2019 season! They are so excited to receive new jerseys!

Lastly, we participated in Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program where families came together to hand pick gift tags for children in need. We came together and purchased over $2,000 in children’s gifts. When the town of Paradise was devastated by the Camp Fire we came together and collected cash, gift cards, new and used clothing and other household items to donate to victims affected by the fires. Thank you to all friends and families who contributed.

To end the year, we sang our hearts out for our families at our Christmas Program and our kids had an absolute blast! Our families were smiling from ear to ear as they took pictures of their loved ones. We also participated in Roseville’s 57th Annual Holiday Parade! There has already been some talk about next year’s parade ideas. Can’t wait!

Thank you to all our teachers and families for supporting A KID’S LIFE. We truly couldn’t have done it without you all! Please enjoy the video below for a glimpse of the last 6 months of A KID’S LIFE!!